The World has Changed and is Pushing Us at Levels Most of Us have Not Experienced Before

From Discomfort to Ease

In today’s world, teen and young adults are more lost, confused and lacking direction than ever before.

Statistics Show that:

Among U.S. adolescents (aged 12-17):

  • 1 in 6 Experience a major depressive episode(MDE)
  • 3 Million had serious thoughts of suicide
  • 31% increase in mental health related emergency department visits.

Among U.S. adults (aged 18-25):

  • 1 in 3 Experience a mental illness
  • 1 in 10 Experience a serious mental illness
  • 38 Million had serious thoughts of suicide

We Are Here to Help

Aligned Living is dedicated and on a mission to positively improve these statistiscs and create a safe space that currently doesn’t exist for fourteen to twenty-four year olds. We are here, to help them block out the noise and connect to their inner world so they can both know and trust themselves. Along, with helping them create an understanding that they belong!

Why are they confused? Lost? Lacking direction?

We have discovered through working with thousands of teens and surveying, that these teens and young adults are misunderstood. 

We Can Help

The Aligned Living Foundation was created to answer this challenge.

We offer you powerful, yet simple, proven tools to apply directly to your life and get immediate breakthrough results.

Clients Report

  • Greater resilience
  • More ease in their lives
  • An increased confidence and self-trust
  • Clearer thinking
  • More ENTHUSIASM, JOY, and sense of FULFILLMENT
  • More energy to accomplish what they want
  • Feeling more authentic and clear about who they are and what they want
  • Increased Intuition

What is The Aligned Living System?

The Aligned Living System is a proprietary personal development process that utilizes elements of mindfulness, meditation, energy work, and sovereignty techniques. This synergistic combination creates an extraordinary, unique internal experience where clients report feeling more inspired, clear, and far more capable to face the challenges we are all experiencing.

Due to Aligned Living’s unique nature, it is best understood through experience.

We regularly offer free experiential classes. Find a time that works for you on our Programs and Offers page.

Listen to Episode 20: How and Why People Change with The Aligned Living Practice

This episode of the Aligned Living Foundation Podcast will give you insight into what people experience with the Aligned Living System


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What People say

Sarah Anne Stewart Head Shot 2

Sarah Anne Stewart

Founder of Sarah Anne Stewart

“This process has completely transformed my relationship to myself, my relationship to my partner, my friends, my community and my business…  ”


Dan Doty

Co-Founder of Evryman

“Aligned Living made the simplicity, clarity, and openness that I had only accessed in meditation before available throughout my entire life in a consistent and sustainable manner. It legitimately changed everything in my life – almost overnight.”

Dominick Quartuccio Head Shot

Dominick Quartuccio

Founder of The Great Man Within

“Aligned Living does not just bring a higher level of performance to the work I am doing. It actually brings a higher level of joy and fulfillment. Which is something I couldn’t even have imagined tasting before doing this work.” 


Ilana Gilovich

Ph.D. Student at Columbia University

“Aligned Living has made me access new parts of myself in completely new ways. I feel like I am more confident, more calm, and am a more ready minded person than I ever have been.