Aligned Living Foundation Podcast

Our world continues to change and push us in ways that we have not been challenged before.

On the Aligned Living Foundation podcast we talk about these challenges, how to be aware of them, face them, and overcome them in your life.

While the foundation’s main goal is to support teens and young adults our podcast is directed at people of all ages.

Join us on the Aligned Living Foundation podcast where we talk about what it means to operate from a place of alignment and what it could look like in your life.

The First Twenty Episodes Are Now Live:

  • Episode 1: An Introduction to Aligned Living
  • Episode 2: Bob Petrello’s Journey with Aligned Living
  • Episode 3: Resilience
  • Episode 4: Boundaries, People-Pleasing, and Fulfillment
  • Episode 5: Navigating Change and The Emotional Challenges of Our Current World Situation
  • Episode 6: Forcing vs. Allowing
  • Episode 7: Pursuing Excellence for Passion and Personal Fulfillment vs Ego
  • Episode 8: Answering Listener’s Questions – Understanding Your Emotional Body and Cultivating a Wonderful Inner World with Curiosity
  • Episode 9: Authenticity – Our Journey with the Foundation and answering a viewer question.
  • Episode 10: Communicating on Topics We Have a Strong Conviction About
  • Episode 11: The Unintended Consequences of Coddle and Cancel Cultures
  • Episode 12: Clearing Your Energy
  • Episode 13: Making Hard Decisions
  • Episode 14: Intuition vs. Ego
  • Episode 15: A.L. as a Gateway to Other Personal Development Opportunities. Javvad’s Experience with Laird Hamilton’s XPT
  • Episode 16: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • Episode 17: Navigating Change
  • Episode 18: Anxiety and Depression
  • Episode 19: How to Align with Divine Timing
  • Episode 20: How and Why People Change with The Aligned Living Practice

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Your Podcast Hosts

The Podcast is hosted by ALF Founder and Director David and Aligned Living Coach  and Foundation Director Javvad Syed.

We hope you enjoy listening!

Let us know what topics you would like covered on future episodes.