About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help teens and young adults around the world develop their intuition and resilience to live a more fulfilling life in the face of today’s current challenges. We do this by teaching the Aligned Living System through classes and experiences that are free to the public.

Meet The Directors

David Waldas M.S.Ed.

Director, Founder, President, and CEO

David created the Aligned Living System in 2016. It has been his mission to bring these tools for living a more fulfilling life to as many people and organizations as possible. This lead him to found The Aligned Living Foundation. David’s genius rests in his ability to operate from an expanded intuitive state to help his clients create practical outcomes. He has taken his experience and expertise and created a simple, proven system that is repeatable and sustainable. It is designed to help people discover who they are at the deepest levels and to live from that place. This system is highly experiential and allows the client in real time to start living a more intuitive and fulfilling life that aligns with their greatest gifts. You can learn more about David at DavidWaldas.com.

Bob Petrello

Director and Treasurer

Bob is an executive coach and consultant who has many clients in the entertainment and construction fields. He brings over four decades of experience as an expert facilitator, change agent and business coach.

Nick Musica

Director, Aligned Living Coach, and Secretary

Nick is the founder and CEO of Optics In LLC, a digital marketing agency, that works with start-ups, and small and medium-sized businesses to scale their SEO and content efforts and to grow their internal teams.  You can learn more about Nick at OpticsIn.com

Javvad Syed

Director, Aligned Living Coach, and Podcast Cohost
Javvad is the founder of Javvad Syed Coaching and Consulting, where he “Makes Visions a Reality”. He helps organizations develop and execute strategy, optimize operations, and develop leaders. He also works with individuals to “Optimize the Human Experience” through his holistic approach to create balance and achieve their vision. Javvad always asks people, “Why be average, when you can be optimal?” You can learn more about Javvad at javvadsyed.com

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