Episode 15: A.L. as a Gateway to Other Personal Development Opportunities

Listen here for what you need to know about Personal Development

In this episode David and Javvad discuss how Aligned Living can be our gateway to other personal development experiences. Javvad just returned from Laird Hamilton’s XPT Life training and goes into detail about his experiences and takeaways.

The world is incredibly intense in so many ways right now. Learning how to clear you energy and chakras is needed now more than ever. This stress can push us into our negative coping mechanisms and for many trauma responses. We are seeing people in mental health crisis where the cumulative fatigue of emotional, physical, and financial stressors has caught up with them.

Learning to clear your energy is one of the most positively impactful tools you can master.

The techniques presented are ones that David. Javvad, and many who regularly practice The Aligned Living System utilize on a daily basis.

This episode can be used as a continuing resource for you to clear in the future.

We look at:

  • Why we need to clear our energy, what is actually happening, and how we are being effected.
  • The connection between The Aligned Living System, energy clearing, and how we support ourselves and those around us.
  • We are all leaders, how are we impacting the people around us?
  • Types of energy clearing.
  • The Fallacy of Sum Costs.
  • David teaches the actual clearing process.

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